To dog or not to dog

I’m picking poo off the ground. Clawing and grabbing at the grass. Wondering where it all went wrong. “It’s such hard work” “It’s unrelenting “ “The barking gets worse. It took a year to break one of the bad habits.” “Don’t do it. It’s like another child” This advice from my so called mates. AFTER […]

Sunscreen rage

Waiting to go out. Relaxing by the pool. Standing on the beach. Playing in the park. It can strike anywhere. Sunscreen rage. It’s a bit like ‘Supermarket Rage’ or ‘Restaurant Rage’, it strikes fear into the hearts of parents in hot climates. “Swim gear?”  – “check” “Towel?”  – “check” “Hat?” – “check” “Beach gear?” – […]

Fathers Day

Father’s Day is done. We have been out for dinner. I’m knackered. I retreat to my bedroom and relax on the bed. It’s 7.30pm. I watch TV as the boys play loudly outside my room. I know I don’t have long before I am up and going through the bedtime routine. The ‘go to bed’ […]