Fathers Day

Father’s Day is done. We have been out for dinner. I’m knackered. I retreat to my bedroom and relax on the bed. It’s 7.30pm. I watch TV as the boys play loudly outside my room. I know I don’t have long before I am up and going through the bedtime routine. The ‘go to bed’ […]


It was the biggest fucking thing I have ever seen. Hairy. 8 long legs. Silent. Still. Waiting. For. Me. I don’t know what kind it was. I don’t really care. It was so big I could see it’s eyes. I don’t use the word ‘hate’ much. But I hate spiders. Especially ones that are waiting […]

When ‘other’ kids go wild

It is wrong to get joy from other peoples misery.  Except when you are out with friends and their kids are being naughty while yours are behaving. It happens all the time when you are parents – and it recently happened to us again in a restaurant when we were out with friends. What I […]

Can you justify leaving your child alone in a hotel room?

With the thought of Madeleine McCann in my head I shut the door to the hotel room and walk out leaving my son alone for the evening. Stupid. Irresponsible. Naive. Foolish. Thoughtless. Dangerous. Incomprehensible. Reprehensible? Or Justified and defendable.  Reasonable or at least supportable? Madeleine was 3. Max is 8. I left him on the […]

The pains of getting older

I have reached another milestone in my life. I’ve got my first proper adult condition. Gout. I’m not a big drinker, I exercise and I eat healthy. It is hereditary. A ‘gift’ from my Dad. They say a decent bout of gout is comparable to childbirth. In mid-chronic gout pain I would prefer to push […]

Hurting another child…..

I injured a friend’s child not so long ago. I belted a soccer ball into his face from about 2m away. Meet The Fockers Style. But worse. This kid was wearing glasses. To add insult to ….well, injury….. there was blood. His dad, a doctor, thought I had burst his septum and caused some kind […]

Why are big nights out few and far between?

It’s Saturday night. I am out. I am in a cool venue in Melbourne. I’m standing near the bar. My head gently nodding to the beat of the music. I feel good. I’m looking good. There’s a few cute girls at the bar checking me out. I glance over to my wife standing chatting to […]

When does the worry end?

There are a few genuinely scary moments in life when your body reacts to a near death experience. When you are aware of coming as close to death as you can without actually going there. When you think ” oh my god – I nearly died.” Or “that was so close to being a tragedy”. […]

Groundhog Day

I am having my own personal Groundhog Day at the moment. I wrote a poem about our daily life cycle 8 months ago called,  A Day in The Life but a lot changes in 8 months of a child’s life and we seem to have moved on to more ‘mature’ repetitions. They say kids take you […]

I am an addict…..

I have a confession. I am an addict. It started a few years ago. Slowly at first. Just once or twice a day. But it wasn’t long till I starting needing more and more. Now I can’t get enough of it. I can’t put my finger on exactly when I knew I needed help. I […]

Boston Marathon bombing. Can children handle the truth?

I didn’t see the car ahead. I turned too sharply. My car rolled 3 times. My children were in the back. This wasn’t me. It was a story a friend told me a few years ago. Thankfully, apart from the shock, everyone was physically fine. Once the ambulance and police had cleared the scene the […]

How much sleep do children need?

I ask this question following yet another difficult and emotionally charged evening episode of “Putting the Boys to Bed”. It starts around 6.30pm. The witching hour as we used to call it. The boys have been fed and watered. They shower. Then they have a second shower – with soap this time. They do their […]

The Lost Boy

I lost Zak on Sunday. It wasn’t for long. But  he was gone. There was a carnival in the park. Several hundred people milling around and one lost child. If you have ever lost a child in public you will know that even a few seconds is terrifying. I try not to make a habit […]

Cherish4ever: the creation of an app

“Dad, when I’m older do I call you Grandpa?” It was an innocent question from my youngest, Zak, followed by, “Dad, it’s hot in here. Can you turn on the hair conditioning?” 2 comments that put a smile on my face and inspired an idea. That was a year ago. This week a friend, Rod […]