Mothers day poem

I’ve been pulling this one out on Mothers Day every year since I wrote it in 2014.

It still rings true.



To my kids on mothers day

Hey boys here’s a story that I want you to hear

Come close while I tell you I want to be clear


There was a time in mum’s life when she did not shout

She did not get upset, lose the plot or pout

Believe it or not she did not always say no.

That’s one of the reasons we have you now to show


We laughed and we drank and we danced till all hours

We partied and played and got hot during showers


While sometimes she’s stressed and sometimes she’s grumpy

And sometimes she cracks up like Humpty Dumpty

You know that she loves you. You know that she cares.

She will always be there, you’re her two ‘special bears’


She runs our house, she picks up your clothes

She tidies your toys and wipes your snot nose

There are some thank-you’s to say, so make it clear

Sit her down, say this and make her hear;


Thank you mum for the washing you do.

Thank you again for flushing the loo.


Thank you for making my lunches each day

Thank you for dinner, what more can I say


Thank you for the notes you stick in my bag

Thank you for the treats in the little glad bag.


Thank you for your kisses, your cuddles, your love.

Thank you for sticking by me when I give you a shove


Thank you for being there when I fall or I cry

Thank you for understanding when I tell a white lie


Thank you for holding me when I am worried or sad

Thank you for comforting me when I am really mad


Thank you for teaching me and keeping me right

Thank you for my cuddles all day and at night


Thank you for telling me I am smart and can do it

Thank you for giving me praise when I blew it


Thank you for getting me dressed when I’m tired

Thank you for calming me down when I’m wired


I love our quiet moments just you and me

When we talk and we lie and we just let things be

You are my mum, I love you and please always know

Through good times or bad you helped me grow.


Thank you, THANK YOU is all you should say

When you wish your mum a very special Mothers Day


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